Work smarter not harder

If you want to get ahead in business, you need to work smarter not harder.

QKIP is a perfect example of how you can work smarter not harder. QKIP offers a platform which allows for you to store your certifications be it business or personal in a single secure wallet.

You can have your certificate(s) of completion/university degree or companies certifications inserted into the blockchain upon request.

  • If you want to restrict access to these certifications you can
  • If you want to charge someone to view your certifications, you can

You store your certifications and you own the data and right to allow anyone to view as YOU see fit.

With current methods, no doubt you have a Linked in profile listing your certifications, or multiple accounts spread across 3 – 5 “job sites”. As a result, this data can be scraped by recruitment agencies and sold for a profit. This also means you have 3 or more locations that you need to keep up to date, remember usernames and password and “hope” they don’t get hacked stealing your personal information. This method is outdated and antiquated, not to mention making you work harder not smarter!

In the future, the standard method of resumes, certifications and valid reference checking will be done with Distributed Ledger Technologies such as QKIP. You will even question did we really just submit PDFs as proof of certification? PDFs and other current methods are abundant with fraudulent practices.

Just as you used to go to local video store to hire a movie on a Friday or Saturday night, those days are gone. QKIP offers a “Pay per view” system not that different to buying a pay per view movie on Youtube these days. You don’t even think twice about watching a movie on demand, just as it will be in with QKIP and YOUR certifications.

Use case examples of QKIP:

  • Bidding on a contract – No problems, give access to your entire companies verified certifications
  • Applying for a job – No problems, give access to your personal certifications relevant to that role

You can also think about the concept this way . If you go for a trip from say Japan to Australia, you need two currencies JPY and AUD. You carry both currencies on you, do you store both currencies in the same wallet or have two separate wallets? If you also were stopping over in HongKong and then over to America, would you have 4 wallets? Id say not.

You store your money no matter what denomination in the one wallet. Just like money, your certifications are valuable and should be stored in a secure simple “digital wallet” all certifications of all types in one simple secure location. Don’t store some in a pdf, some as a hard copies as they get lost, damaged and possibly copied by someone to represent themselves with your certifications.

QKIP is THE solution to working smarter not harder.

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