Why would you use QKIP? #QKIP benefits

QKIP – The future of certification storage.

Its not so much of why you would, but why you wouldn’t use QKIP is what you should be asking.
There are many reasons why you would use QKIP, let me explain what some of these reasons are.

Efficiency: As an applicant for a new job, you are asked to provide proof of your certifications. Therefore you either have to approach the certification company, or try to find that PDF you received. In some cases you don’t even have a PDF and have to find the paper certificate you received. This takes time and resources of which many people are short on today. With QKIP, all of your certificates are stored in one, secure location. You can login, send a link of all of the verified certifications to the prospective employer.

Transparency: All certifications are added to the blockchain (with your permission). These entries shows what the certification is, the registered accreditor, date, time and expiry of that certification. There is no way these records can be fraudulently produced.

Trace-ability: You can show the relationship of your certification, trainer, accreditor, Governing body, date, time, location. This give complete trace-ability of your certifications.

Stop fraud: If you are employing a person, you can easily qualify fraudulent candidates. Don’t take a mocked up degree, PDF or their word for it.

Convenience: One location, all certifications. In the coming year, you wont be listing all of your certifications one by one on linked in. With QKIP you will have a single link showing all certifications. Make it available to everyone or nobody, even charge for people viewing them if you wish.

But who owns the data? You do.

QKIP builds the platform for you to use. Its no different to you using google docs or gmail. Do they own those emails and documents you produce? No.

You do and always will. QKIP is offering a service that allows for insertion into the blockchain of your own records.

These are only some of the benefits of using QKIP as your choice for certification insertion and storage.

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QKIP – The future of certification storage.