#QKIP solution: #Blockchain authentication for certificates. Any type. Everywhere.

#QKIP solution: #Blockchain authentication for certificates. Any type. Everywhere.

Never be fooled again by people or organisations who misrepresent themselves and their qualifications. Businesses and individuals utilize numerous certificates throughout their existence to demonstrate compliance, compete for contracts, apply for work or to become members of industry associations.

Unfortunately, forgery of certificates and misrepresentation of achievements in obtaining them is rife resulting in a significant integrity problem for organisations that both issue them and/or recognise them as a credibility currency.

To be developed from Australia, QKIP is both a personal and business solution to an enormous global problem in credentials fraud. It will leverage Blockchain and smart contracts to deliver improved management, security and storage for any type of issued certificates.

QKIP’s goal is to be an irrefutable safe-haven for truth around the authenticity of certification claims. Any type of certificate from anywhere in the world will be easily accessible via a distributed database with data secured through cryptographic algorithms at the same time as making them easily available for sharing.

QKIP is coming. You can download the white paper here.


Say Hello to the ultimate certificate keeper


The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.