QKIP Real Innovation to manage Certificates

Real Innovation to Manage Certificates

From the innovation site of the Australian government: “Innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. For businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving your existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you to adapt and grow in the marketplace.”


q We asked “How could we manage certifications better?”

q We analized how it is done and whether it can be done differently and better

q We are going well beyond process improvement

q The QKIP Smart Contract makes the functions of issuing, delivering, maintaining, storing, ensuring authenticity and avoiding forgery drastically more efficient, cost effective and easier to manage

q We implement a high degree of technical innovation by using Distributed Ledger Technology to support the change

Millions of certifications & badges are issued every year, their protection and upkeep is difficult and costly, also forgery and misuse is easy and cheap. Technology has evolved to support the development of superior business processes. So now is the time to think forward and support the QKIP Project. Visit www.qkip.io