The QKIP platform. A new player in the certifications market

The QKIP platform. A new player in the certifications market

The ongoing digital transformation across industries and societies brings opportunities for improving everyone’s lives.
Blockchain technology has generated an enthusiasm not seen since the days of the arrival of internet e-commerce. It has spurred innovation, and has the potential of generating efficiencies, improving services, and boosting our capacity of reinventing the way we do things.

It has propelled thousands of start-ups to rethink the interactions we have with one another and the organizations we deal with every day.
The QKIP Project is one such group that has rethought the way certifications of any kind are stored, preserved and used.
QKIP in a nutshell: QKIP is a platform that stores certificates and their images in the Blockchain, and makes them unchangeable and retrievable at any time. QKIP also stores Digital Badges.
The certificates/badges and their images are secure, permanent, unforgeable, and cannot be lost.
The certificates are held in the Owner’s wallet, and access to the wallet is retained by the Owner. Owners decide what to do with them, they can use them when applying for jobs, when demonstrating compliance, and they can even monetize them!!

The QKIP Platform handles all type of certifications, like qualifications certificates, records of course completion, business certificates of compliance, and more.

The QKIP ICO is coming in July 2018.

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