QKIP is an example of Enhancement-oriented Innovation

QKIP is an example of Enhancement-oriented Innovation

From an article from the OPSI (Observatory of Public Sector Innovation)

“Enhancement-oriented innovation often starts with the question of “How might we do X better?” It is not about questioning what is being done, but rather how it is done and whether it can be done differently, and hopefully better.

At a working level, it is about trying to learn more about how things work and trying to extend upon that. Common methods or practices that underpin enhancement-oriented innovation are generally structured learning processes to help consolidate insights and build upon them. Example practices include lean, business process management, quality control, and behavioural insights.

Enhancement-oriented innovation is the facet that can be hardest to distinguish from normal business process improvement. While there is no hard dividing line, the characteristic that can be seen with enhancement-oriented innovation but not with normal process improvement is some element of unpredictability. If there is nothing unpredictable about the process – i.e. if the degree of novelty is minor and there is a high degree of confidence about what will happen – then it is not innovation, as there is no application to a new context and therefore little new learning will occur. In many instances of enhancement-oriented innovation the level of unpredictability (or uncertainty) will still be pretty low, but there will still be some question as to whether it will work or unfold as intended.

Some example cases that we have seen that illustrate the range of enhancement-oriented innovation include:

QKIP exemplifies a true innovation project for the certificates and digital badges market. The objective of the QKIP Project is to provide a platform, using Blockchain technology that will keep and certify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge, while verifying the identities of the recipient and the certification body that issues them.

QKIP stores the Certificates and their image in the Blockchain itself, and they are easily accessible by the owner, who can in turn give access to them to others.

Importantly, through the QKIP Smart Contract the functions of issuing, delivering, maintaining, storing, ensuring authenticity and avoiding forgery are made drastically more efficient, cost effective and easier to manage.

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