QKIP ICO Announcement

After monitoring the crypto market and analysing market reports it is with regret that the QKIP Project is announcing that it will be postponing our token crowdsale event due to current market conditions.

This is a very difficult decision that has not been taken lightly.

This is the best decision for the company and token buyers. The team continues to remain fully focused on every aspect of the project in the areas under our control, and we are fully committed to the development and implementation of the QKIP Platform.
We will continue our efforts on core areas of the project until the new crowdsale dates are published in the coming months.
We will update our supporters and community as we progress, we and will share information continuously.

The QKIP project aims to concentrate its effort on main areas of the business:

1. Technical development, working on current and developing technology to design and implement the QKIP Platform prototype
2. Partnerships, developing current and future relationships with organizations and individuals that are market leaders and supporters of innovative solutions like QKIP
3. Private sales, continuously engaging sponsors and partners in long term business relationships
4. Whitelisting, growing our community through our traditional marketing campaigns, bounty campaigns and social media channels

Although the crowdsale is postponed, QKIP will work incessantly ensuring that the QKIP Project is fully ready for the sale reopening.
For more and latest information visit the QKIP website and join our Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter channels.