How to get involved with the #QKIP #ICO

How to get involved with the QKIP ICO

Hurry now to take advantage of pre-sale discounts of up to 50 per cent on QKIP Tokens. Offer closes 20 November, 2018.

QKIP is currently in a pre-sale period and anyone who is interested in the project can pre-purchase QKIP Tokens now, at a discount, and get themselves white-listed for the ICO which commences on 21 November 2018.

It’s a simple four-step process to participate in the pre-sale and/or ICO:

  1. Complete the white-list application for the ICO. This will set-up an account for you on the ICO site
  2. Complete the KYC application to be white-listed for the ICO (you must be logged in to access this process)
  3. Buy and pay for tokens (QKIP will accept payment in either Bitcoin, Ethereum or Fiat money (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, JPY)
  4. Receive and store the tokens (into a QKIP wallet created as part of the KYC process)

There are no restrictions on who can participate in the QKIP pre-sale where discounts of up to 50 per cent on the ICO price are available. Anyone who successfully completes the KYC process can immediately start buying QKIP Tokens.

Completing the whitelist application is a simple, automated process which creates an email-verified registration with QKIP as well as a User-name and Password for managing your QKIP account. Once you have this log-in, you will be able to access the KYC form and all of the QKIP functionality

QKIP’s KYC application will require a bit more information including uploading a scanned copy of personal identification (passport or driver’s licence etc.) so that the bona-fides of ICO applicants can be verified in accordance with regulatory obligations.

Once an applicant has completed and submitted each form, the details will be reviewed, and a notification will be sent confirming their acceptance or rejection. With confirmation of a successful KYC application you will be immediately able to place pre-sale orders to gain the discounts on offer or buy tokens in the ICO.

A unique QKIP wallet is automatically created for all successful KYC applicants. This wallet will store QKIP Tokens and record all transactions that are conducted through the account.

This wallet is secure and personal. It can be accessed by the owner only. It holds all the tokens bought until such time when the QKIP Tokens can be traded.

QKIP is unable to accept submissions or payments for tokens from exchange wallets or participants who have failed the KYC application process.

Further information is available from the Crowd-sale page on the QKIP website.

QKIP is coming. You can download the white paper here.

Say Hello to the ultimate certificate keeper


The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.