Do you miss your VCR, typewriter and fax machine?

Do you miss your VCR, typewriter and fax machine? No? Me either.

Although typewriters have been instrumental to help businesses communicate faster and create documents more efficiently, you’d be hard pressed to walk into an office and find someone working on one today, whilst they were listening to their favorite band on their Sony Walkman.

Typewriters, film cameras, tape decks and to some degree Compact discs were great in their day, but their heyday has now passed. So how does this topic related to QKIP and the way in which it works? Im glad you asked.

QKIP offers a blockchain solution to record all of your certifications into one single wallet. This wallet can be accessed from any device and shared with anyone or no-one, its up to you.

You can offer pay per view, or give away free access.

I remember the days I used to receive a parchment paper after completing a certification. A parchment was a printed document with a special seal of authenticity. Parchments were great, until I lost them, the dog ate them (this did happen) or I spilled my morning coffee on it.

The next option at a later date was to receive “Certified PDFs”. No spilling coffee on those suckers, although the hard drive could become corrupt, or I get a virus/malware and they are gone. Now in some instances where I lost them due to virus or HD corruption, I  remembered where I studied my certifications, but the businesses had gone out of business,  so they were gone forever.

The next step forward with technology was receiving a badge, although they look nice, the badges and previous parchments and documents were all easily forged. The trust factor using those past methods is low in today’s world. All once methods reigned supreme, but just as the typewriter, tape decks and CDs were once the norm, Parchments, PDFs and badges are old ways of thinking and too easily forged.

What I want from a service is to have my certifications in a single location (not on my hard drive) not stored in a single central database like google cloud, but a distributed ledger and impossible to forge certifications. I wanted it to be secure, efficient, cost effective and setup so I NEVER lose a certificate again, and I could categorically prove that I was certified in the field of my choice. To solve this problem, along comes QKIP.

Now I can travel the world with my certifications safely stored and accessed from my phone. I can apply for jobs in any country, have verified certifications to back me up from globally recognized certifications bodies.

QKIP is revolutionizing the way in which I store and share my certifications.

QKIP – One Wallet, All certifications.


The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.

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