#DistributedLedger-based #Certifications truth: Everybody benefits from using QKIP.

Everybody benefits from the cryptographic certification truth facilitated by QKIP’s Distributed Ledger technology-based platform.

QKIP has been conceived to be the best-in-class certification tracking platform. It will revolutionise the certification market for industry and academia by providing a single point of reference for the authentication of every type of certificate.

In pioneering the use of distributed ledger technology for this purpose, QKIP offers a range of core value propositions in distributing and managing certificates that were not previously available under any other system. It offers unprecedented accessibility to certificates issued to individuals and companies as well the opportunity for certificate holders to implement pay-per-view boundaries around their certifications data.

Certificates inserted into the QKIP distributed ledger are impossible to forge, they are easily shared or made private and, because they are stored in a decentralized database, they will never be lost.

Certificate Issuers

If you are a certification body for people or companies – or a university – you can use QKIP to automate and administer the insertion and management of certificates issued which immediately reduces the costs of administration, distribution and storage.

In-built platform flexibility means that all certificate formats – old and new – will be available for reissue to recipients which means that data around all certificates are safe-guarded and forever stored in the blockchain.

This allows unprecedented peace-of-mind for all parties as the incidence of lost certificates is no longer applicable. Knowing that any nefarious faking of a certificate is no longer possible is an added bonus.

Past, Present and Future Students

QKIP allows certificate holders to have a single “wallet” in which they can store any certificates they collect over time. This permanent and immutable evidence of achievement can then be used to apply for jobs, to demonstrate course completion, to become a member of associations, to verify participation in professional development schemes and industry forums or to apply for further education.

QKIP’s platform provides a single, secure point of reference for all your certificates which can never be breached or lost thereby eliminating the time and financial burden of obtaining copies in the future. In addition, there will also be the ability for people to monetize access to their certificates if they choose to do.


QKIP is a gamechanger for the recruitment industry. The truth of having any type of certificate incontrovertibly secure in a distributed ledger offers unprecedented opportunity to stamp out counterfeiting and misuse of qualification certificates by applicants and companies.

By allowing you to check the authenticity of a certificate with the click of a button, it will help to eliminate the 30 per cent of unqualified senior executives who have presented qualifications they did not hold.

There is tremendous risk mitigation against reputational damage from presented fraudulent candidates in addition to operational efficiencies in checking claims which all adds up to new abilities to fast track the best, verified applicants to your valuable clients.

Business Value

With QKIP, commercial entities and other organisations also have a new opportunity to demonstrate their eligibility to operate in their industries by utilising the blockchain as incontrovertible substantiation of their regulatory compliance.

International certifications for quality assurance, trade assurance, design safety, ethical manufacturing, environmental sustainability or organic production (for example) can be stored and used as verification when trading and bidding on contracts.

This builds trust, shortcuts due diligence processes in contract negotiations and creates competitive advantage for business as well as governance for public agencies and NFPs.

Irrespective of your needs in relation to improved management of certificates, the QKIP Platform is going to provide the answers and help restore trust for everyone so that you can be confident that people and organisations are not misrepresenting themselves.

QKIP is coming. You can download the white paper here.


Say Hello to the ultimate certificate keeper


The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.

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