To participate in the ICO, all participants will need to comply with four main activities to ensure they safely and securely receive and store the QKIP tokens, until they can be used or traded on an exchange.

The main activities are as follows:

  1. Completing the white list application for the ICO (When you go through the whitelist it will setup an account for you on the ICO site)
  2. Completing the KYC application to be white listed for the ICO (You must be logged in to access and complete this)
  3. Buying and paying for the tokens
  4. Receiving and storing the tokens

Completing the KYC application

Each participant that would like to partake in the QKIP ICO will have to complete the whitelistKYC application processes by filling a forms for each. *Note You also will not be able to access the KYC page until you have completed the whitelist and are logged into the site.


Once an applicant has completed and submitted each form, the details will be reviewed, a notification will be sent to the applicant confirming their acceptance or rejection.

If the application has not been completed correctly, or the information in the form is fraudulent or does not meet the ICO criteria, the applicant will receive a notification stating that their application has been declined.

When the ICO goes live and payments are submitted to receive QKIP Tokens, these details submitted during the KYC process will be used to validate the applicant, as well as the amount of QKIP Tokens to be distributed to them.

Buying QKIP tokens

You can buy QKIP tokens when:

  1. You have successfully completed the Whitelisting process
  2. You have successfully completed the KYC process
  3. The ICO purchase window has been opened to start buying tokens.

The ICO purchase window will open on the date specified in the project timeline, there will be notifications about it on our social media accounts:

To make payment, QKIP will accept payment in either Bitcoin, Ethereum or Fiat (USD/AUD/GBP/EUR/JPY)

We Are unable to accept payments from an exchange wallets, all payment will need to come from either an Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet address that is not associated with an exchange.

The payment instructions will be provided at the time of purchase.

Receiving and storing the tokens

For queries regarding the distribution of QKIP Tokens, and/or any issues with it, please contact us, so you can check and determine if your QKIP Tokens have been sent.

Until the QKIP Tokens can be used, upon launch of the QKIP Platform, all tokens will be stored in a blind wallet on our platform. Once the QKIP Platform is live on an exchange you can transfer the QKIP Tokens to the exchange to trade. A virtual wallet will be setup for each participant who buys tokens from QKIP.

QKIP is unable to accept submissions or payments for tokens from exchange wallets or participants who have failed the KYC application process.

*If an applicant fails to submit their application correctly twice, they will be banned from applying further for that round of the ICO.