Do you miss your VCR, typewriter and fax machine?

Do you miss your VCR, typewriter and fax machine? No? Me either. Although typewriters have been instrumental to help businesses communicate faster and create documents more efficiently, you’d be hard pressed to walk into an office and find someone working on one today, whilst they were listening to their favorite band on their Sony Walkman. Typewriters, film cameras, tape decks … Read More

Adding that extra bit of awesomeness #QKIP

Did you know that you’re awesome! I am sure you know that you rock, but how do you show others how awesome you are?  QKIP gives you the opportunity to show the world how awesome you are in ANY vocation! Work, personal or business certifications can be stored in a single wallet, which can be shared with no-one or everyone! … Read More

Defining #QKIP #SmartContracts in 30 seconds.

Distributed ledger technology and business ready smart contracts at the core of QKIP’s core value proposition. QKIP represents a secure, convenient solution to definitive certificate authenticity based on the use of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology but what is a smart contract? A smart contract, also known as a crypto contract, is a computer program that directly controls the … Read More

QKIP Real Innovation to manage Certificates

Real Innovation to Manage Certificates From the innovation site of the Australian government: “Innovation generally refers to changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. For businesses, this could mean implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving your existing services. Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business, and help you to … Read More

#DistributedLedger-based #Certifications truth: Everybody benefits from using QKIP.

Everybody benefits from the cryptographic certification truth facilitated by QKIP’s Distributed Ledger technology-based platform. QKIP has been conceived to be the best-in-class certification tracking platform. It will revolutionise the certification market for industry and academia by providing a single point of reference for the authentication of every type of certificate. In pioneering the use of distributed ledger technology for this … Read More

#QKIP solution: #Blockchain authentication for certificates. Any type. Everywhere.

#QKIP solution: #Blockchain authentication for certificates. Any type. Everywhere. Never be fooled again by people or organisations who misrepresent themselves and their qualifications. Businesses and individuals utilize numerous certificates throughout their existence to demonstrate compliance, compete for contracts, apply for work or to become members of industry associations. Unfortunately, forgery of certificates and misrepresentation of achievements in obtaining them is … Read More

Why would you use QKIP? #QKIP benefits

QKIP – The future of certification storage. Its not so much of why you would, but why you wouldn’t use QKIP is what you should be asking. There are many reasons why you would use QKIP, let me explain what some of these reasons are. Efficiency: As an applicant for a new job, you are asked to provide proof of your … Read More

QKIP is an example of Enhancement-oriented Innovation

QKIP is an example of Enhancement-oriented Innovation From an article from the OPSI (Observatory of Public Sector Innovation) “Enhancement-oriented innovation often starts with the question of “How might we do X better?” It is not about questioning what is being done, but rather how it is done and whether it can be done differently, and hopefully better. At a working … Read More

QKIP is not alone

QKIP is a new company using smart contracts and Blockchain technology to create a secure, trusted method of authenticating and permanently storing certificates earned by individuals and organisations. QKIP is an Australian company with a presence in Europe. We are a privately owned company, but we thrive to be involved with public and multinational forums, in order to advance the … Read More

Australian Citizen Disability Insurance Payments on a Blockchain

The Australian federal government is testing a blockchain application to explore the use of blockchain technology to create ‘smart money’ for the country’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Dubbed “Making Money Smart”, the trial is jointly developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) – Australia’s federal science agency – and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), one … Read More