Press release: #Blockchain the key to beating certification fraud

Blockchain to offer global protection against credentials fraud


Imagine if cryptography could be leveraged to eliminate the rampant problem of people and organisations misrepresenting themselves. QKIP, an innovative Australian blockchain start-up, is on the job.

GREAT SOUTHERN LAND; 16 October 2018QKIP has arrived to pioneer the use of Blockchain as a secure, trusted method of permanently safeguarding and verifying certificates earned by individuals and organisations.

A presale of QKIP tokens is now underway with a view to opening an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) on 21 November 2018.

In a world where certification forgery and untruths about qualifications are rife, Blockchain technology offers a previously-unavailable opportunity to mitigate the risk of being deceived about claims of past academic achievement or industry certification compliance.

To be developed from Australia using smart contracts and Blockchain technology, QKIP is both a personal and business solution to an enormous global problem in credentials fraud.

It is on-track with a go-to-market timeline that commenced via a pre-sale which opened on 10 October 2018 as a precursor to the November crowd-sale of QKIP tokens to the public.

The QKIP platform will allow schools, universities and other accreditation bodies – whether they be academic, regulatory or industry – to insert authenticated data and images of certificates they issue into the blockchain where they will reside permanently for future reference.

Individuals and organisations will be able to self-manage restricted access to the ledger which contains irrefutable evidence of their certification claims. They will also have the option to monetise viewing of their details if they want.

Blockchain is a game-changer in this space because it uses cryptography and distributed ledger technology to provide unprecedented levels of security and data integrity. Additions to the Blockchain via the QKIP platform are paid for using QKIP tokens.

QKIP will be offering a service where customers are able to insert their issued certificates into the blockchain without surrendering in any way their individual or organisational ownership rights to the IP and data.

QKIP streamlines processes and services thereby facilitating significant improvements to the efficiency, cost, security and functionality relating to the issue and verification of certificates.

There’s so much more to the QKIP story on its website.

You can download an all-explanatory White Paper here.

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The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.