Be an Innovator with QKIP

Innovation: (noun) a new idea, device, or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods. Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary
Innovation is about being creative and original in your work and life… however, what separates actual innovation from everything else is the idea of improvement. Without improvement, innovation is something created for its own sake.

At QKIP, we asked ourselves: how can we improve the way certificates and badges are issued, re-issued, stored and maintained. We studied how they are commonly forged, and how the professionals market has been tarnished by claims based on fraudulent certificates.

QKIP is a perfect example of innovation, of how we have gone beyond improvement to create a solution to having all your certificates in one place, secured and accessible. And although still evolving, Distributed Ledger Technology is proving to be the tool to implement our innovative ideas with confidence.

QKIP isn’t just better, it’s groundbreaking. Supporting QKIP is a chance to be a successful innovator and add that skill to your portfolio.
Following are five personal behaviours that support innovation:

  1. Do not discount your strange/crazy ideas
    People who succeed in realizing revolutionary ideas do so because they let themselves believe that a crazy idea could be a reality.
    Many people think that Blockchain technology is only for cryptocurrency trading, without seeing how to apply it to everyday business and processes.
    QKIP aims to bridge and integrate the old with the new.
  2. Get comfortable with fear
    Successful innovators let their fear exist, but just don’t let it dictate their decision-making.
    “I wouldn’t say I’m fearless. In fact, I feel fear quite strongly. But if what I’m doing is important enough then I just override the fear,” shares Musk.
  3. Learn about anything and everything
    Scan or read something new every day.
    Blumenthal wrote: “Learning naturally leads to cross-pollination and ideation. Ideation can lead to action. Action is how innovation comes to life.”
  4. Never think you know it all
    Innovators think like “beginners”. Blumenthal writes: “If you do have expertise, there are ways to give yourself a fresh perspective: Surround yourself with non-experts, interview first-time customers, shop your own website. Hire whip-smart people from outside of your industry.”
    The QKIP Team is a multi-generational international team. We look for advice everywhere and at all levels. We let people challenge us. We look for answers and when they do not exist we create them.
  5. Surround yourself with brave like-minded people
    Successful innovators know that they can’t do it alone. The people who you collaborate with on these revolutionary ideas are just as critical to making them a success.
    The QKIP Team not only collaborates internally to developing the QKIP Platform, but also with external advisors, supporters and potential users. QKIP looks at the comments from the QKIP community and take them into account when defining the QKIP product strategy.