Adding that extra bit of awesomeness #QKIP

Did you know that you’re awesome! I am sure you know that you rock, but how do you show others how awesome you are? 

QKIP gives you the opportunity to show the world how awesome you are in ANY vocation! Work, personal or business certifications can be stored in a single wallet, which can be shared with no-one or everyone!

Want to charge people to look at your certifications? No problems. The QKIP platform uses smart contracts and allows you to set the access levels and even monetize your certifications.

Governments have been charging for ages for access to things such as Certificates of titles for the property YOU own for ages. You’ve worked hard for your certifications, so place a value on them and charge if you want to.

QKIP is the ultimate solution to store all of your certifications because:

  1. You own the data
  2. QKIP is natively GDPR compliant
  3. You can lock down or open your certifications for viewing
  4. You can charge as a “Pay per view”
  5. Certifications are verified immutable proof from your accreditor
  6. Can be used to qualify your skills to get your next job
  7. It is one wallet for All certifications

QKIP – One wallet, All certifications


The objective of the QKIP project is to be the ultimate certificate keeper. We will provide a platform, using Blockchain technology, that will store and verify the authenticity of each Certificate or Digital Badge in the ledger while validating the identities of both the recipient and the certification body that issues them.

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