About QKIP

Gone are the days where people can fake their credentials.

QKIP paves the way for a secure method for companies and individuals to store and share their certificates, in an immutable decentralized database.

The QKIP portal allows companies and individuals to have their certificates and qualifications stored in a secure platform using smart contracts and distributed ledger technology.

All certifying bodies submitting certificates are verified using Know Your Customer (KYC).

All certificates can be viewed and shared with anyone, at anytime on any device.

If you choose not to share, or want to charge someone to view your certification, it’s up to you.

What is Blockhain? And why does QKIP use it?
By using math and cryptography, Blockchain also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT) is challenging the status quo in a radical way. QKIP is using this global decentralized technology to secure your certificates.

Why is Bob using QKIP?
This video explains at a very high level the journey of Bob using QKIP for all of his certifications. QKIP – One wallet – All certifications.

With QKIP -

Manage all of your certificates from one central source

As a professional candidate, your achieved studies, certifications, training, experience and status is your employment currency. Now all the proof of your profile is at your fingertips.

Have complete faith that individuals are telling you the truth

Our centralised verification platform is your guarantee that people are not misrepresenting their background and qualifications when offering themselves as candidates.

Protect your reputation from forgery, theft or bogus training providers

Rest assured that the only people claiming to have achieved your level of certificates, qualifications and honours are those who have actually completed relevant courses and passed appropriate examinations.

Who benefits?

QKIP certificates are impossible to forge.
QKIP certificates are stored in a decentralized database so will never be lost
QKIP certificates are easily shared or made private.



  • Issue and administer certificates to students
  • Decrease the cost of certification distribution and storage
  • Insert all certificate formats old and new available for reissue to recipients
  • Safeguard of the data of the issued certificates forever in a distributed ledger.
  • Give peace of mind for all parties as the loss of certificates ceases to exist
  • Offer immutable certified certificate from your organization. Faking a certificate is impossible.



  • Store ANY certificates you collect during your life, and you use them to apply for jobs, to demonstrate course completion, to become a member of associations or industry forums or to continue education
  • Access a single portal to store your certificates securely in one simple portal
  • Never lose a certificate again
  • Save time and money. The process of obtaining a copy of a traditional certificate is expensive, complicated and takes time
  • Monetize your certificates. Make money by giving access to your certificates



  • Stamp out counterfeiting and misuse of Qualification Certificates by applicants
  • Identify which of the 30% of senior executives have presented qualifications they did not hold.
  • Check the authenticity of a qualification immediately, with the click of a button
  • Fast track the BEST verified applicants to your valuable clients
  • Build a portfolio of the best, certified talent with minimal cost, effort and time



  • Store your industry certifications (ISO 9000, ISO 20000, ISO 27001)
  • Use your verified certification to bid on contracts
  • Stand out from the opposition and build trust with your clients
  • Prove the authenticity of a qualification immediately, with the click of a button

A decentralized platform with a simple and intuitive interface.

Best in class Certification tracking.

We’ve taken care of all user requirements and have used best in class user experience in mind.

Token Usage


What is a “utility token” how can it be used as a coupon?

How can you aquire QKIP Tokens?

How can you monetize your certificates?


Using QKIP tokens offers:

  • Security
  • Immutability
  • Long-term peace of mind
  • Easy access

Tokens can be acquired by:

  • Purchasing
  • Bounty

Tokens can be monetized by:

  • Selling access to your certificates
  • Putting micro transactions as a “pay per view”


QKIP tokens:

  •  Give future access to adding any type of certificates.
  • Allows viewing of the certificates and their images, anytime and anywhere.

Once you have tokens you can:

  • Pay for certificate insertions
  • Trade and sell on exchanges

How can monetization be done?

  • Using smart contracts, you can lock down access
  • You own the certificate, so you decide who has access

Monetize your certifications. Control how they are viewed. Control your data like never before.

QKIP Roadmap

Research February – April 2018


QKIP White Paper July 2018


QKIP Website August 2018


QKIP Marketing Campaign from Mid-September 2018


QKIP Pre-Sale Starts 10 October 2018


QKIP Pre-Sale Ends 31 December 2018


QKIP ICO Starts Early 2019 See ICO news article 


QKIP Prototype design starts Jan 2019 See ICO news article 


See ICO news article 

QKIP beta coming soon!

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QKIP Partners

SC Accounting:
SC Accounting has a depth of experience and specialised industry knowledge. Their professional chartered accountants work in wealth creation and improve business processes.

Schmooze communications:
Schmooze complements internal marketing and communication teams to achieve premium quality content creation, corporate writing, public relations, and social media campaign outcomes.


HDAA is an international Gold Country Partner to HDI and also sits on the HDI International Certification Standards Committee (ICSC). We are an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for a variety of service and support certifications and PeopleCert accredited for all our IT Service Management (ITSM) programs.


CEG is an innovative company focused on ‘gamified’ solutions. Our multi award winning team understands that ‘having fun’ is the key to moving forward. Using Champions as a pre and post assessment tool, helps you gain certifications whilst having fun.
FUN is at the heart of everything we do.


ACGs background is in global best practice frameworks such as ITIL®, Prince2®, RESILIA™, IS027001, ISO20000.
With our expertise in global best practice, we have developed services to solve business problems.Our team at ACG is vibrant, highly adaptable and engaging.


QKIP Founders

Scott Tunn

Scott is an experienced consultant, trainer, author, designer and architect of ITSM and business solutions. Scott holds numerous degrees in business and IT best practices management. He is abreast of latest technical developments and implementations, and contributes to global solutions that allow individuals and companies to work smarter and faster. Scott is an English and Japanese speaker.

Peter Cross

Peter is an experienced Managing Director and a developer of business models. Peter is the owner and CEO of GCI (Global Certification Institute). He has direct inside knowledge of and extensive experience in the qualifications and certifications global market. Peter has managed non-profit organizations that promote the adoption and development of global business best practices.

Hilda Rozenberg

Hilda is an experienced business and IT best practices leader, developer, implementer and lead auditor. Hilda has degrees in science and IT, and numerous industry qualifications. She has deployed business management systems in several countries and languages. Hilda led best practice deployment teams for major IT multinational corporations, like IBM, Unisys, Siemens as well as start-ups. Hilda is an English, Spanish and French speaker.

QKIP Advisors

Ian Daykin
Advisor – Certifications

Ian is a professional certifications veteran, who has owned and operated Aquiros certifications company for more than 16 years. Being the CEO of Aquiros where the mindset is that Practical Knowledge Integration is the Packaging, Transferring and Validating of acquired information to enhance defined knowledge to improve defined outcomes. It is more than training, it is more than learning, it is more than testing. As a premiere Knowledge Integrator Ian is leading the way to the next generation of learning and productivity improvement in the 21st Century.


Tony Campbell
Advisor – Cyber Security

Tony has worked in the cyber security industry for over 20 years, consulting and advising to government, private industry and national critical infrastructure operators. Currently, Tony works as Kinetic IT’s Strategic Security Advisor in Perth, where he provides strategic advice, guidance and oversight of cyber strategy. Tony is an accomplished author and cyber security trainer and is the acting editor of the Australian Cyber Security Magazine. Working with a variety of blockchain and cryptocurrency organisations, providing advice and guidance on the wider security management processes to be more resilient to cyber attacks, as well as helping with the design and operations of specific blockchain related technology.

Michiel Van der Voort

Michiel is an experienced Managing Director and Director of Business Development. He worked for British, German and Dutch organisations and has extensive experience with managing international teams. His focus is on professional development and certification.


Jon Buttriss
Advisor – Business

Jon is recognized as a highly successful international leader in the fields of Transformation, IT and Learning & Development. Over the last 20 years Jon has led several organisations to significant business success through delivering real customer value and cultural change. He has demonstrated purpose driven change is successful in delivering disruptive customer centric services and significant business benefit. Testimonials show his achievements are made through close appreciation of individual needs whilst identifying and driving the key business opportunities.


Marimuthu Palaniswami
Advisor – IOT/Big Data

Marimuthu Palaniswami is an internationally recognised expert in Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Networks, Automated Learning, and Computational Intelligence in large-scale complex systems. He obtained his Ph.D from the University of Newcastle, Australia and is currently the Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

He served as a general Chair for over 10 IEEE Sponsored International conferences with a focus on Sensor Networks and Internet of Things (IoT). As a Chief Investigator, he was funded by various government agencies for a number of IoT projects covering Infrastructure, Smart City, Healthcare, Transport, BigData Analytics and Smart Governance.

Andrew Monaghan
Advisor – Sys Ops

Andrew is an IT Solutions specialist with proven Unix, Linux, Networking, Security and Cloud skills. Over the last 17 years Andrew has worked with leading organisations in the capacity of Solutions Architect, Systems Administrator, Systems Support Engineer, IT Consultant, Technology Services Engineer and CTO for the likes of EDS, BAE, DData, HP, Sun, Oracle and Adelaide Consulting Group. Andrew is also passionate with martial arts and is currently a 5th dan black belt in Japanese Jujutsu. Andrew is an English, Gaelic and Japanese speaker.

Gerard Norsa
Advisor – Marketing

Gerard specializes in corporate writing, public relations, marketing consulting and custom publishing for the ITSM, ICT and Consumer Electronics industries. Case studies, press releases, awards submissions, white papers,media engagement, awareness campaigns, events management. Video, audio and web content development.



The QKIP Project Management Team recognises the value of having a selected group of experienced and industry recognized individuals, who can champion the QKIP Project and advise in their areas of expertise.

QKIP considers our Advisors a fundamental part of our extended team, and they are a critical success factor in the achievement of our project goals.

The Advisors support QKIP by helping us with,

  1. Vetting our ideas
  2. Creating our go-to-market strategy
  3. Structuring our token sale
  4. Formulating the financial plan
  5. Ensuring legal compliance
  6. Managing project risks
  7. Connecting us to QKIP users
  8. Validating the roadmap for implementation
  9. Adopting technical decisions

ICO Ranking Listings Coming soon!

  • Connector.

    Your certifications in one place.

    A single location for all your certificates, business or personal!

  • Connector.

    Track your progress.

    See an ongoing progress of your certificate journey

  • Connector.

    Share your qualifications easily.

    Choose who and how your certificates are shared

  • Connector.

    Full internal management system.

    Manage, delete, share, block. Take full control of your hard earned certificates

  • Connector.

    Supply certifications quickly.

    Create link, share. Apply for jobs, show immutable certificates

  • Connector.

    Print certifications from the app.

    Print your immutable records direct to paper if you have a need

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